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From the UK to the USA!

Nigel hails all the way from the UK . Nigel has been in the music business for a long time. I have had the pleasure of listening to Nigel’s new joint and thought you might enjoy it as well. This tune includes the sample of Nigel’s grandad’s tune called heaven. Nigel’s grandad is an afro... Read more »

Chicago is where it's at.

I wrote a post earlier this year about their being a surge in Chicago underground Hip Hop. I’ve seen alot of growth take place since I wrote the post. We’ve had around 10 artist ink major deals. Whether you support some of these artist like Chief Keef or not its still great exposure for our city.... Read more »

Media vs. Women

It’s crazy how music can touch a person. It can make you go through so many emotions within one song if the song is orchestrated correctly. The gift of being able to create or present music is one of the greatest gifts a person could have. Creators of music are given the opportunity to control... Read more »