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Is it time for third party negotiators?

  The city with big shoulders is not working and the world is watching.   The teacher’s strike continues to at least Wednesday.  The members need to vote. The children need to go back to school.  The parents need to go back to work. So,  is it time for third party mediators or arbitrators to... Read more »

What Would Maggie Daley Say About Her Park?

SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/hermene/Desktop/2012%20Editorial%20/What%20Would%20Maggie%20Daley%20Say%20About%20Her%20Park.doc Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently announced along with Former Mayor Richard Daley and Family that a 20-acre portion of Grant Park will be dedicated to the former First Lady, Maggie Daley. The downtown world-class park will be transformed for $55 million and will have play space,  scheduled to open in 2015. This is a wonderful... Read more »