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Obama needs us!

As a young black man in Chicago I’ve felt the strain.While talking with my guys recently I realized how much my president has done for me. Over these last four years I’ve received all kinds of support. I’ve gotten a job because of a Obama program,extended unemployment benefits when i lost that job because of Obama,extra scholarship,loan & grant... Read more »

OCCUPY KING DRIVE Part 6/Day 11 "Committed to Change"

In the words of Dr. Cornel West – “None of us alone can save a nation or a world, but each of us can make a positive difference if we commit ourselves to do so.” It is Day 11, and I am still living on the rooftop of an abandoned motel right across the street from my church. ... Read more »


Well, I’m still here, still on the rooftop, still hoping, still praying and still needing HELP! Today has been a a very thought provoking day.  I didn’t sleep well, but for some strange reason was reminded of a sailor man whose pulse would race, his blood pressure would sky rocket and his anger would begin... Read more »

The Mayoral Race Changed. What Does It Mean Without Meeks?

The Mayoral race of 2011 changed radically with  Senator James Meeks dropping out.  His mayoral campaign was short lived.  It started with a lot of speculation and became official November 14, and ended officially just before Christmas Holiday, December 23.   I regret that  Senator Meeks dropped out.   He was a strong candidate.  ... Read more »

Vote For Mayor

The race is on and I want to know what you think. Who would you vote for if the election were held tomorrow.  Vote for your candidate of choice.  Take the poll.  The Peoples choice will be given next Monday.

Mayor Meeks

Rev. James Meeks can be the Mayor of the City of Chicago.  He will do well in the city.  Some critique that his ministry will get in the way of his mayoral duties.  Is City Hall open on Sundays?  Did Mayor Daley work on Sundays?  The answer is No.   If the worse  thing they... Read more »

N'DIGO/WVON People's Poll Results for Mayoral

Here are the results from the N’DIGO/WVON People’s Mayoral Poll. We had 1980 responses. Thanks to Derrick Brown, Mark Allen, Dionne Williams and Aaron Black and others who posted on their Facebook pages.  My blog attracted many responses.    big  Thanks to all participants. The winning category for Mayor was Other. Rev. James Meeks had... Read more »