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Is Cosby A Rapist?

I don’t know whether he did or he didn’t. But I do know that it is strange that women who claimed they were raped by Mr. Bill Cosby waited a very long time to scream. The worse thing that can happen to a woman is rape, be you a child, a teen, young, middle age... Read more »

Phenomenally, Maya Angelou was Every Woman

Maya Angelou was a world-class lady whose life might have been the inspiration for Chaka Kahn’s song I’m Every Woman. Maya was every woman – that is, every Black woman living in her era, from 1928-2014. She lived a rich life, but a life that was not always charming. She knew the good, the bad,... Read more »

Put the Top Down

The new year, 2014, has come in with a snow storm.  Old school Chicago  winter blew in with all of the weather elements  –  snow, wind, ice.  Where is that snow truck.? My girlfriend, Peggy called me at home and said come to the window.  I did.  There she was outside, in a new car ... Read more »

The Sisterhood!

There is a new reality TV  series about Black women.  It’s called The Sisterhood and it is about five pastors’ wives from Atlanta.  As you might know, the pastor’s wife is often referred to as First Ladies. The program showed the lives of the pastor’s wives  behind the scenes of the church  at home in... Read more »


  Michelle Obama brought the WOW factor to the Democratic Convention.  She spoke with style, sense and substance.  She was beautiful and brilliant.  She is rated as the number one politician in America and she is not even a politician. She is a common sense black woman. She presented the essence of the non-traditional American... Read more »

Love Letter to Mom!

Write your Mom a Love Letter. Tell her 10 things that she did as a mother that impacted you positively.   1.  What valuable lesson did she teach you?   2.  What is your favorite mom quote?   3.  What was your favorite birthday gift?   4.  What school lesson did you learn?   5. ... Read more »

When the records stop spinning

What about when the funeral is over? The casket is closed and the ground has settled on her mother’s grave? When the calls stop coming? The sympathy cards stop flowing in and the media has a new topic of interest? What about those moments when Bobbi Kristina is alone and her reality begins to crash... Read more »


Whitney Houston’s voice was one of the most beautiful ever.  She emoted with a rare pureness, any love song was hers.  Her voice was stellar as it lingered.     Her performance of a love song made you stand still and perhaps even shed a tear from the sheer power and quality  of her voice.    She... Read more »

Little Black Pearl = Black:unplugged

Terri Lyne Carrington, Dianne Reeves, Monica Haslip, Dr. Angela Davis, Tia Fuller, and Nona Hendryx

Photos by: John Broughton
“Trust yourselves. Trust your vision. Trust your creativity. Trust your imagination.” -Dr. Angela Davis Dating back to the days of the Harlem Renaissance along with the B.A.M. (Black Arts Movement) era, the arts have been the expression route of Black people. Through dance, music, theater, and poetry, the creative and performance arts have given us... Read more »

GEANCO FOUNDATION: $60,000 Closer To A Dream Come True!

Syesha Mercado performs at the Health and Hope for Africa concert gala at the Museum of Science and Industry on December 3, 2011
                   H E A L T H  &   H O P E A selfless act of fundraising, building, and providing support to those who may never experience the material enhances and privileges that some of us may have the opportunities to possess, truly goes a long way. The greatest risk people can ever take is... Read more »