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What do you do with Paula Deen?

Paula Deen the Southern Belle chef.
  Paula Deen the celeb southern belle  chef has built an empire on her southern style persona. The beautiful platinum coiffed  blue eyed lady took her cooking all the way to the top.   Some say that the lady truly responsible for her cooking success is a Black lady still receiving minimum wage. The Food Network,... Read more »

Chicago is where it's at.

I wrote a post earlier this year about their being a surge in Chicago underground Hip Hop. I’ve seen alot of growth take place since I wrote the post. We’ve had around 10 artist ink major deals. Whether you support some of these artist like Chief Keef or not its still great exposure for our city.... Read more »

Pay The Teachers

SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/hermene/Desktop/2012%20radio%20commentaries%20/   It is appalling that the politicians considered  legislation that would have a negative impact on teacher’s pensions.  Legislators are contemplating giving retired schoolteachers a choice between health benefits and a 3% annual rise on their pension, fixed incomes. Shame, Shame and shame.  One of the hardest jobs there is these days is teaching... Read more »


Since last Thursday I have been a close and nervous  observant of the streets of Chicago as we prepare to host the NATO SUMMIT.    Friday was a quite day with an eeriness.  Some stores in the South Loop boarded up, wisely.  The buses were on time, but there were few riders.   The side streets had... Read more »


SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/hermene/Desktop/2012%20Editorial%20/ In 2008, I was convinced, with the election of America’s first Black President I knew we had leaped over the moon.    I saw great promise.  I was in Grant Park that warm night feeling the love and the change.  Valerie Jarrett and I cried, hugged and kissed.  “Do you believe it?”  I saw Jesse... Read more »

The Soul Train Impact

The death of Don Cornelius was major news.  I wonder if Cornelius himself realized his place on the American scene.    His impact was powerful with multiple dimensions.    Without a doubt he took Black music mainstream.    He gave contemporary artists   a TV platform that was little to non-existing.  Every now and then you saw James Brown,... Read more »

Little Black Pearl = Black:unplugged

Terri Lyne Carrington, Dianne Reeves, Monica Haslip, Dr. Angela Davis, Tia Fuller, and Nona Hendryx

Photos by: John Broughton
“Trust yourselves. Trust your vision. Trust your creativity. Trust your imagination.” -Dr. Angela Davis Dating back to the days of the Harlem Renaissance along with the B.A.M. (Black Arts Movement) era, the arts have been the expression route of Black people. Through dance, music, theater, and poetry, the creative and performance arts have given us... Read more »

Idris Elba + 3 Chi Chics = Milk+Honey Baby!

Idris Elba + 3 Chi Chics = Milk+Honey Baby!
Go. The vision and discussion started years ago—the drive has been maturing naturally from birth. Chicago natives, Jeanette McDuffie, Dana Gills, and Asha Kamali May stepped out on faith and a dream and headed to Los Angeles years ago, to build their reality in love, hopes, and dreams. Each in their respective entertainment industry entities,... Read more »

Marcus Chapman: S.T.A.R. The Cult of Personality

Marcus Chapman: S.T.A.R. The Cult of Personality
Rock The Mic. The voice never leaves you if they’re that good. The songs become the background to the personality, a bonus, if you will, to an on-air experience. That was urban radio back in the day at its most pinnacle moments. And MC Marcus Chapman was on the come-up. The location, the world’s Windy... Read more »

Christmas List 2011!

If I were Santa,   here is   list of presents I would pull out of the bag for this year’s newsmakers. Happy Holidays to all of you from the N’DIGO family! Donald Trump           A debate with President Obama Simon Cowell             A heart Kim... Read more »