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Phenomenally, Maya Angelou was Every Woman

Maya Angelou was a world-class lady whose life might have been the inspiration for Chaka Kahn’s song I’m Every Woman. Maya was every woman – that is, every Black woman living in her era, from 1928-2014. She lived a rich life, but a life that was not always charming. She knew the good, the bad,... Read more »

10 things to do on Martin Luther King's birthday

Dr. King was America's greatest orators in the 20th century.
Dr. King would have been 85 years today, had he lived.  I wonder how the world would be with his presence.   Would he be President of the United States?  Would he be invited to the White House?  Would he be in Atlanta preaching?  Would he be lecturing at colleges and universities? We celebrate King’s... Read more »

Dr. King's Voice

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born some 85 years ago on January 15.    He lived a brief   purposeful life.  Born in Atlanta Georgia and assassinated in Memphis in 1968, he died at the  too early age of 39. He transformed America and today we still live his effects.  We owe much to King for... Read more »

Christmas Presents!

If I were Santa Claus and could put whatever under the tree, these are the gifts I would deliver. For Mayor Emanuel                         A Blue Bike and a Ventra Card For  Jay Z                                            A New Baby Lady GaGa                                          A Chicago Penthouse Rod Blagojevich                                 A Pardon Jesse Jackson Jr.                               A Pardon Williams Beavers                               A Pardon Robin Thicke                                     ... Read more »

12 Years A Slave: I am sick of slave movies

Twelve Years A Slave is a hard movie to watch. I am sick and tired of slave and servant movies. This is the comfort level for Hollywood of the “Negro ” portrayal. “Driving Ms. Daisy,” “The Help,” “Jingo” and the like showcase Black actors. The great acting even wins Academy Awards, but when will we... Read more »

Stony Island Renamed Bishop Arthur Brazier Avenue is Appropriate.

  The main street, Stony Island, will  soon be renamed Bishop Arthur Brazier Avenue.  It is not without controversy.  Change is hard, even a street naming. This is not an honorary street naming it is a major street naming, where maps change, addresses of residences and businesses change  and the postal data changes.  Many agree... Read more »

From Martin to Martin

The March on Washington where  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his keynote address  was August 28, 1963.  This historic march is where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his signature speech,  “I Have a Dream.”   He spoke directly to  250,000 people that day, with President John F. Kennedy listening attentively in the White House... Read more »

Black Male Rules

Given the Trayvon Martin verdict that literally allows a “suspect” young Black male to be killed without consequence, it is time for there to be a rule book in place for young black men.  As we listen to the public discussion on race, all Black men say they share the experience of fear on the... Read more »

Nelson Mandela!

Nelson Mandela is one of the Greatest Leaders of our time.  Nelson Mandela will go down in history as one of The Greatest Leaders Ever!

Senator Kirk Meet Congressman Rush

United States Senator Mark Kirk with Senator Dick Durbin by his side recently called for the US attorney nominee Zachary Fardon, to lock up gang members from the Gangster Disciples.  He said, at the Union League Club, he would allocate  $30 million of federal funds for this effort.  It amounts to a bounty on the... Read more »