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What do we Tell Our Champs???

The Champions. What do we Tell Our Champs??? It’s a damn shame that the Jackie Robinson Little League Baseball Team was stripped of their championship title. Shameful. Hurtful. Heartbreaking news. One of the mother’s appropriately asks, “Is this about boundaries or race?” Is this racism? Is it? We are afraid to look racism in the... Read more »

The Mayoral Election

The Mayoral election is February 24. Rahm Emanuel will return as the boss of City Hall. The other four candidates make sense, but none have the resources for a serious challenge. Like it or not 75% of running a political campaign in now time is marketing, which means money and TV commercials. To date, the... Read more »

Remembering The Reverend Johnnie Colemon

The Reverend Dr. Johnnie Colemon made her transition December 23, 2014 right at Christmas, the night before Christmas Eve.    It was poetic for her life to end at her favorite time of the year.  She loved the Christmas holiday  and often had three Christmas trees in her home and sometimes kept the Christmas trees up... Read more »

12 Reasons Rauner Won

The State of Illinois has a new Governor. Republican Bruce Rauner won with 51 percent of the vote. Incumbent Governor Pat Quinn lost with 46 percent of the vote. Rauner accepted victory on election night before Quinn conceded the next day. Here are 12 reasons why Rauner won and is the new Governor, and for... Read more »

Bruce Rauner for Governor. . .

  I have already cast an early vote for Bruce Rauner to become the next Governor of the State of Illinois. I voted for Bruce Rauner because the State of Illinois is in trouble. The State of Illinois is in economic decline and in need of economic stimulus, which businessman Bruce Rauner can provide, and... Read more »

Father Pfleger Gun Buyback

Activist priest Father Michael Pfleger has planned another gun buyback program, at St. Sabina Church  August 16.   Although other buyback events have been successful, this time Pfleger is targeting 16- to 30-year-olds. “University of Chicago Crime Lab” said those are the most significant and most impactful gun turn-ins. Those between 16 and 30, turn in... Read more »

Why The Obama Library Should Be At Chicago State But Will Probably Go To The University Of Chicago

The first step of the Barack Obama Presidential Library sweepstakes is complete. Monday, June 16, was the deadline for all interested parties who want to host the library to submit initial bids as to where they would put it, how it would serve as an economic engine in the suggested location, and how local organizations... Read more »

The Cry of Jet Magazine

As of next week, there will be no more Jet Magazine, that pint-sized publication that’s been a weekly best friend to the Black community since 1951. For there to no longer be a Jet is a watershed moment in contemporary African-American history.  There’s always been a Jet; for all African-Americans except senior citizens, there’s never... Read more »

Put the Top Down

The new year, 2014, has come in with a snow storm.  Old school Chicago  winter blew in with all of the weather elements  –  snow, wind, ice.  Where is that snow truck.? My girlfriend, Peggy called me at home and said come to the window.  I did.  There she was outside, in a new car ... Read more »

The Legacy Project and The Horizon Science Academy Charter School

    Chicago has been called the most segregated city in the nation.  I would hope that image  diminishes as new neighborhoods, like Hyde Park and the South Loop are being developed and downtown Chicago expands with blue bikes and transportation street adjustments.   Chicago Public Schools have been in the center of America’s urban educational... Read more »