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An Evening with Barry Gordy at History Makers

It was a historic evening with Barry Gordy at The Art Institute for the History Makers affair, Saturday, November 17.  Barry Gordy, the musical icon was on stage being interviewed about his  luxurious career by award winning journalist Gwen Ifill. Gordy the creator of Motown revealed that he was the accomplished song writer in adddition... Read more »

What Would Maggie Daley Say About Her Park?

SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/hermene/Desktop/2012%20Editorial%20/What%20Would%20Maggie%20Daley%20Say%20About%20Her%20Park.doc Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently announced along with Former Mayor Richard Daley and Family that a 20-acre portion of Grant Park will be dedicated to the former First Lady, Maggie Daley. The downtown world-class park will be transformed for $55 million and will have play space,  scheduled to open in 2015. This is a wonderful... Read more »

GEANCO FOUNDATION: $60,000 Closer To A Dream Come True!

Syesha Mercado performs at the Health and Hope for Africa concert gala at the Museum of Science and Industry on December 3, 2011
                   H E A L T H  &   H O P E A selfless act of fundraising, building, and providing support to those who may never experience the material enhances and privileges that some of us may have the opportunities to possess, truly goes a long way. The greatest risk people can ever take is... Read more »