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The Cry of Jet Magazine

As of next week, there will be no more Jet Magazine, that pint-sized publication that’s been a weekly best friend to the Black community since 1951. For there to no longer be a Jet is a watershed moment in contemporary African-American history.  There’s always been a Jet; for all African-Americans except senior citizens, there’s never... Read more »

“Something GOOD in the NEIGHBORHOOD” IDOT SCIL - Safe Communities Illinois Project

There’s always something “GOOD” in the neighborhood.” With summer ending and fall quickly approaching, communities are hosting festivals, parades and a slew of other activities in communities all over the city to take full advantage of the last days of summer. This summer season has been great for the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Safe Communities... Read more »

Linda Johnson Rice, Timuel Black and Adam Green Discuss “The Great Migration" May 6 at the Harold Washington Library.

Linda Johnson Rice and Timuel Black and Adam Green will appear in conversation on the Great Migration on May 6 at 6 p.m. at the Harold Washington Library Center 400 S. State Street, in the Cindy Pritzer Audtiorium Theater.  The conversation is based on the May  book selection, The Warmth of Other Suns;  The Epic... Read more »

The Legacy of Jacoby Dickens

JACOBY DICKENS was the Chairman of Seaway Bank serving the South Side of Chicago.   Mr. Dickens lived from 1931 – 2013.  Upon retirement he moved to Fisherman Island in Florida with his wife Veranda and lived marvelous life mixed with leisure and business. He was memorialized Saturday,  April 20 appropriately at the Emil and Pat... Read more »

Mayor Bloomberg Goes to Congress

  The election is over.  A new congresswoman has been elected in Chicago’s second congressional district.  Congratulations to Robin Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg.  This was a crowded race and it was a national one.  A new political trend has begun. This was a race about money.   Who could buy the seat?   The wealthy Mayor of... Read more »

Charlie Trotter's Auction

I was curious about Charlie  Trotter’s auction of his restaurant delectable. Curiously I visited the auction to survey the goods.  I wanted something from my favorite eatery to incorporate into my kitchen.    His Lincoln Park restaurant had a very homey feel.  You felt like you were coming to Trotter’s cooking home rather than a high-end... Read more »

Daymond John Live in Chicago November 30

DAYMOND JOHN of ABC’s Shark Tank is the coolest.  He will be here in Chicago Live On Friday, November 30, at the NDIGO BUSINESS BREAKFAST.  This is a morning of business  opportunity for the  entepreneur looking to grow  business or for the fresh business with  a  product, or for the  start up with a bright... Read more »

Look who's coming to Breakfast!

Chicago is where it's at.

I wrote a post earlier this year about their being a surge in Chicago underground Hip Hop. I’ve seen alot of growth take place since I wrote the post. We’ve had around 10 artist ink major deals. Whether you support some of these artist like Chief Keef or not its still great exposure for our city.... Read more »


Stella Foster has been writing for the Chicago Sun Times for  43 years. She has decided to retire on August 6.  I am saddened and don’t want her to go.  This  is strickly personal. Stella is a Chicago success story.  She is a proud to be from  Englewood  and on her sister’s [Jamie] recommendation ,... Read more »