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Chicago is where it's at.

I wrote a post earlier this year about their being a surge in Chicago underground Hip Hop. I’ve seen alot of growth take place since I wrote the post. We’ve had around 10 artist ink major deals. Whether you support some of these artist like Chief Keef or not its still great exposure for our city.... Read more »

Marvin, Marvin, Marvin

This is yet another story for Black Music Month,  remembering and recalling great artists. Marvin Gaye was the coolest.  His voice unique, sensitive, expressive and reeking of emotion.  He produced some of the best music of his era with Motown Records.  His masterpiece, “What’s Going On”  almost didn’t get released because Barry Gordy thought it... Read more »

St. Millie - Something Good [Official Music Video]

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” Headed to the top and I don’t know my way back.” -St. Millie This is the story of one who will take it to the limit to achieve. It seems that today, music artists are born overnight –leaving some with the absence of proper development and true understanding of the power within their craft.... Read more »

The Chicago Hip-Hop Renaissance

Hello N’DIGO readers! This is your man B.J. I have been missing in action due to a lot of excitement in my own personal life and in the city I love so dearly Chicago. The editors at N’DIGO have given me the opportunity to address you good people with my views on my areas of... Read more »

Chicago Loves Eric Roberson!

Chicago Loves Eric Roberson!
When Eric Roberson hits the stage he carries such a charisma, that the energy dances through the atmosphere. His vocal range and intonations make his lyrics even sweeter in a live and intimate performance. A Chicago favorite, Erro, his band, and Blue Erro Soul/Purpose Music Group/eOne Music team came through the Chi last week for... Read more »

Little Black Pearl = Black:unplugged

Terri Lyne Carrington, Dianne Reeves, Monica Haslip, Dr. Angela Davis, Tia Fuller, and Nona Hendryx

Photos by: John Broughton
“Trust yourselves. Trust your vision. Trust your creativity. Trust your imagination.” -Dr. Angela Davis Dating back to the days of the Harlem Renaissance along with the B.A.M. (Black Arts Movement) era, the arts have been the expression route of Black people. Through dance, music, theater, and poetry, the creative and performance arts have given us... Read more »

Idris Elba + 3 Chi Chics = Milk+Honey Baby!

Idris Elba + 3 Chi Chics = Milk+Honey Baby!
Go. The vision and discussion started years ago—the drive has been maturing naturally from birth. Chicago natives, Jeanette McDuffie, Dana Gills, and Asha Kamali May stepped out on faith and a dream and headed to Los Angeles years ago, to build their reality in love, hopes, and dreams. Each in their respective entertainment industry entities,... Read more »

Death on the Streets Prompts a Life on the Roof

Check out the New York Times/Chicago Cooperative report on ProjectHood …

Team Sye! A Heart For Art & Life

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“I’ve always been the type of person that wanted to change people and touch their lives. That’s what I love about singing and theatre.” -Syesha Mercado, N’Digo 2010   There are very few in the entertainment industry that are genuine when sharing their gift and delivering a positive message to the world through their given talent.... Read more »

OCCUPY KING DRIVE Part 6/Day 11 "Committed to Change"

In the words of Dr. Cornel West - “None of us alone can save a nation or a world, but each of us can make a positive difference if we commit ourselves to do so.” It is Day 11, and I am still living on the rooftop of an abandoned motel right across the street from my church. ... Read more »