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Terisa Griffin

Terisa Griffin MS TERISA GRIFFIN hails from New Orleans and comes from a singing family. She is a preacher’s kid and it was customary for she and her sisters to attend Sunday services and sing. She came to Chicago and lived meagerly until her mentor Jerry Butler heard her. She became a background singer in the... Read more »

What’s In A Name?

What’s In A Name?
Mr. Michael Jordan What’s In A Name? By Hermene D. Hartman “If you want the Hope Diamond, you have to buy the Hope Diamond.” This is a direct quote from Michael Jordan’s attorney, Frederick Sperling. And he is only serious. Michael is the Hope Diamond in the field of endorsements, so says his attorney. Mr.... Read more »

Between The World and Me

To order, click here. by Hermene Hartman __“I tell you now that the question of how one should live within a black body, within a country lost in the Dream, is the question of my life, and the pursuit of this question, I have found, ultimately answers itself. “_ Ta-Nehisi Coats. has written a classic book... Read more »

Gregory Porter Rocks Jazz and Turns It Upside Down

  GREGORY PORTER APPEARS AT THE CHICAGO SYMPHONY JUNE 21. Click image for ticket info. Gregory Porter Rocks Jazz and Turns It Upside Down by Hermene Hartman Though he won the 2014 Grammy for Best Jazz Vocal Album with his third release Liquid Spirit, and his 2010 debut album Water was also nominated for a... Read more »

The NDIGO GALA 2015 Featuring Dianne Reeves and Gregory Porter

  click here for tickets By Hermene D. Hartman Seven years after N’DIGO began in 1989, we constantly received calls from graduating high school students seeking financial assistance for their educational pursuits. Before I started N’DIGO, I was a college professor and administrator at the City Colleges of Chicago with responsibilities in recruitment, so the... Read more »

Remembering The Little Warrior

By Hermene D. Hartman Reverend Willie Taplin Barrow was a powerhouse. She stood only 4’11”, but she was a giant. She was a fighter, thus her title “The Little Warrior.” Barrow fought injustice and spoke for equality on all fronts – race, women, and gays. A church family raised her in Burton, Texas, where she... Read more »

Remembering The Reverend Johnnie Colemon

The Reverend Dr. Johnnie Colemon made her transition December 23, 2014 right at Christmas, the night before Christmas Eve.    It was poetic for her life to end at her favorite time of the year.  She loved the Christmas holiday  and often had three Christmas trees in her home and sometimes kept the Christmas trees up... Read more »

Ferguson Is A Tale Of Black Men In America

I watched the news programs on Sunday as they discussed the Ferguson, Missouri protests and the case of Michael Brown and Officer Darren Wilson. It is almost insulting that the commentators leading the conversation are so ignorant about the history of killing Black men in the United States. In bewilderment and amazement, they ask questions... Read more »

Is Cosby A Rapist?

I don’t know whether he did or he didn’t. But I do know that it is strange that women who claimed they were raped by Mr. Bill Cosby waited a very long time to scream. The worse thing that can happen to a woman is rape, be you a child, a teen, young, middle age... Read more »

Bruce Rauner for Governor. . .

  I have already cast an early vote for Bruce Rauner to become the next Governor of the State of Illinois. I voted for Bruce Rauner because the State of Illinois is in trouble. The State of Illinois is in economic decline and in need of economic stimulus, which businessman Bruce Rauner can provide, and... Read more »