Robin Was Crying

robin1_1Sometimes when a comic is being funny he is crying on the inside. So, it was the case with **Robin Williams**. He was a genius, quick mind, silly beyond belief. His routines were hilarious. He was always on. He played comedy like a jazz musician plays his licks. He could make you fall down laughing, make your sides hurt and of course you would cry with laughter. The funny man was sad. He was a wonderful guy living in pain off camera. Funny was his mask. Who would have thought he would have hung himself as his career was on top of the world. Money, fame, glamor and fortune do not always do it. Success from his top movies gave us an incredible sensitive man who felt life full, even though he was acting, you suppose. Why didn’t someone see behind the mask and help with his pain, his suffering and his addiction? While we remember his laughter, we will also remember his cry. He was the best and now we cry a different tear as we remember him. Pain, joy, suffering, laughter and crying are sometimes a variation of the same emotion.

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