Father Pfleger Gun Buyback

Activist priest Father Michael Pfleger has planned another gun buyback program, at St. Sabina Church  August 16.   Although other buyback events have been successful, this time Pfleger is targeting 16- to 30-year-olds.
“University of Chicago Crime Lab" said those are the most significant and most impactful gun turn-ins. Those between 16 and 30, turn in that gun – anonymous, no questions asked – gives you an opportunity to make that change … to get rid of that gun, to say I’m tired of it,” Pfleger said.  The first 150 people of that age to turn in a working gun will get a $100 gift card, or a gift card for a pair of Adidas shoes. Pfleger is accepting all guns.1919617_918686894814460_446334335385871897_n

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