Run, Hillary, Run

SureHillary Clintonly Mrs. Hillary Clinton is getting ready to make history in the 2016 presidential run. Her book, Hard Choices, make no mistake has kicked off the campaign. She defines herself, she talks about the tough choices she has made as a politician, when Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. She knows what it is to be a professional woman and a political wife. She knows every turn of politics from the campaign, the attacks, the looser and the winner. She has been right at her husband's side in his political career and in her right she has been a First Lady, a Senator and Secretary of State. She has no peer. She tells her story, her way. She has to distinguish herself from two men - President Clinton and President Obama. Before the book was off the press it sold one million copies. Her advance was $14 million. The book gives Hillary a media platform with exclusive interviews. She could not buy the public relations. She will work the speaking circuit. She will earn more money, making her independently wealthy. She sets her very own stage, her way. She will make history as the first woman President of the free world and she will be the first grandmother at the helm. Can't wait for 2016.


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