Trump Putting a Sign On It.

Trump Towers SignSo  now, who builds one of the tallest buildings in the city and not put his name on it?  Or who spends $600 million on a building that is a new landmark and not put their signature on it?  What is all of the hoopla about TRUMP putting  up his gigantic sign, measuring 20 feet by 6 inches high on his building. Rumor has it that the mayor does not like it as do  newspaper columnists.  So what?  The landscape of Chicago changes.

Perhaps the TRUMP sign introduces New York flair to  Chicago.  Perhaps Trumps wants people to know he has a hotel, condo and a restaurant in the center of the city, where the lights might go.  Perhaps he wants to increase his traffic for the tourists.

Trump called the Sun Times sign, that was on the building before the wrecking ball,  the ugliest sign in Chicago. I thought the Sun Times was properly located in the center of the city.  Perhaps I am bias because my comfortable office was there and I missed looking over the river.

I was on South Wabash Avenue and indeed the sign caught my eye and I was a mile away.   Whose name should be put on the building?  Should he not put his name on the building?  Change.

Do you like the TRUMP sign?

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