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Bruce Rauner

In the primary election on March 19, for the first time I along with Mrs. Diana Rauner, another registered democrat, casted my ballot for Republican Candidate for Governor for Mr. Bruce Rauner.  I was proud to stand with he and him family front and center on stage at the victory party.  The reaction to my support has been startling from encouragement to some saying that I am a “sell out.”   I was even slightly sort of kind of threatened.   I beg your damn pardon.  Take a look, if you please. 

Mr. Apathy Won the Election.   

The election in November 2014 is  important.  It will be a hot race.  The race is not about  a Democrat or  a Republican.  The race of 2014 is about leadership.    It will be a race where every vote counts and the urban vote might be the deciding one.  Mr. Apathy won the election.  The voter turn out was recorded as the lowest in history with a 20 percent turn out.   This means minority rules and the majority is far too silent.    Voters are not participating.  People are not interested in politics, frustrated and simply don’t care.  This is a problem for the political process. 

As I casted my vote on the Republican ticket, I was appalled by the 78% vacancies of positions on the tickets.   Illinois and Chicago is in a Democratic gridlock.  The Democrats hold the key to the Holy Grail with no responsibility or accountability.   Democrats take the Black vote for granted.   Period.    Smart politics suggest taking a look at the Republicans.  The Black vote is not negotiated or leveraged, it is given.  Why not have the parties compete?  

Where is the two party system? 

African Americans are not participating in the two party system.  We have a single party, that takes us absolutely for granted with promises, promises and promises and slaps us in the face because they can, with no consequence.  We support the unions that we cannot get into.  Some of the neighborhoods on the South and West Sides  look like war zones, so much so that visitors are told not to go there.      We allow foreigners and others who do not live in our communities to come work and suck money out of our neighborhoods, as we suffer the highest unemployment rate.   

The winning Democratic   formula is to attend our churches at election time and not to return until the next election.   The ministers don’t bargain their chips.   The politicos tell us anything and do nothing and our communities, and unemployment rates suffer blight .  Over 90% of young black males are unemployed, as our   communities in Chicago suffer  boarded up residents/schools  and businesses dominated by accent speaking foreigners consisting of hair stores, nail shops, liquor stores, cleaners, gas stations, and coffee/donut shops.  African American businesses are struggling extinction at every level, from ma and pa stores to corporate.    At one time Chicago was the mecca of Black business, I long for the return of that status.   

Bruce the Businessman 

I like Bruce Rauner  and voted for him because his conversation is fresh and solution oriented.  His platform is clear.     It is time for change.   Illinois has one of the nation’s highest unemployment rates and the worse credit rating in the nation.  If you keep on doing what you are doing, you will keep on getting what you are getting.  All candidates run on the change factor, but what is the definition of the change.  Rauner has defined it, with elected term limits, pension retirement reform and business regulation.

You may not agree, but you are clear on Rauner’s change.   I like the fact that Rauner has fresh approaches to business problems and he is willing to tackle them head on.    Governor Rauner will not deliver business as usual.  His approach is different.  He is not a professional politician. Good.  He is a season businessman, a serial entrepreneur.   Good.  He has campaigned that he will not take a salary for the Governor’s job.  Good.  He has campaigned that he will travel the country at his own expense to encourage businesses to come to Illinois.  Good.  He says he will live in the Governor’s mansion rather than one of his luxury homes. Good.  He wants to live in the mansion so that he can meet conveniently with elected officials to concentrate on solutions to our problems.  Good.    Rauner and his wife, Diane have  donated over $27 million of their personal funds to education.  He knows education and will be a supporter to improve the quality and equity funding of education in Illinois.

The Party Versus The Man. 

My switch to the Republican Party is not about the party.  It is about the man and his plan.  That is how we should measure our vote.  I personally am a one-note samba; build small businesses.     Why?  Because that’s where the jobs are.  Why? Because that’s where the growth and development of our communities lies.    I join Newton Minow who says he will “take a leave of absence” from the Democratic Party. 

The dogfight race to Springfield has already begun.  The democrats will run a class war race, posturing Rauner as an out of touch rich guy.  Not so.    He has worked as a hamburger flipper at McDonald’s, he has parked cars and he has been radio announcer.  He started his own business.  He is self made.   I hope Rauner does not apologize for his success.  It is his attractiveness and his business soundness that will serve him well in looking at Illinois fiscal problems.  This is his key quality.    The Roosevelt family was rich.  The Kennedys were rich.  The Rockefellers were rich.  They were great public servants, too.Governor Quinn is a nice guy but let’s face it, Illinois is sinking and the State of Illinois is dysfunctional.    He won the last election with a very narrow margin of just one percent.  It was the Black community that gave him the election.  He will run as the populist and the ordinary guy.  However, he has slapped his most loyal voter in the face.  He had the opportunity to choose a popular Black woman, Stephanie Nealy,  as his running mate.  An African American earned the right to have a spot on his ticket.   

The Black community is suffering by all accounts   - housing, education, and business. We lack contracts from the State; we are not in executive management.  We have been served lunch on a paper plate without a napkin.   There is only one thing to do.  Change. 

For those attack dogs that have come for me, I suggest, you stop and take a look at the elephant in the room and consider your options of continuing the problem or looking at what change looks like. 

Think about it.    Thank you very much. 


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