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Are you ready for Valentine's Day?

Are you ready for Valentine's Day?


Love is the most powerful emotion there is.  Ask 100 people what it is, you will get 100 different answers.  But we all know when we find it.  And we all know when we lose it.  Love is powerful.  Love is free.  Love is your personal canvas.

Love grows and it changes.  It is lovely.  It is a marvelous state.  It is always there.  People sing about, paint about it, write about it.   It is the stuff that poetry is made of.   It  receives and gives.   We all have a love story.  Once is enough for some, never to return.   Some get to have it twice, where it might be better the second time around.  Some stop at twice and others move on to find it multiple times.  Love consumes and assumes.  Some fall in love too easily and others too hard.  Love can turn your blues red.

Love knows no rules.  Love calls, you are never too young or too old.  It  is ageless, because it has many stages with different faces.  It can move from paradise to pain and back again.  It is a mood that can take you from blue to bliss.  It can make you lost or found.   Love is a mosaic.  Love is you.

 What is love to you?


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