Put the Top Down

The new year, 2014, has come in with a snow storm.  Old school Chicago  winter blew in with all of the weather elements  -  snow, wind, ice.  Where is that snow truck.? My girlfriend, Peggy called me at home and said come to the window.  I did.  There she was outside, in a new car  -  a beautiful silver Mercedes Benz with a black suede top.  A convertible with a red bow on the front hood.  Wow.   The top was down.  In the snow.   This was just like a TV commercial.

She said come on down, let's go for a ride.    I had on pj's and invited her for breakfast.  I completed my Saturday morning chores, dressed and said let's go Peggy.  It was icy cold, we looked like mad women.  We got in the car and put the top down on a cold wintry day in Chicago.  How wild was that?  Peggy was happy as could be.  Smiling and driving.  People were looking at us strangely.  After we rode two blocks.  I asked her if the car had heat.  Indeed she said.  She put the top up..  Does the car have heated seats?  Yes,  she pushed the heat up the seat button.  That's much better.

Peggy is the happiest person I know.  No matter what she is singing, dancing and smiling.  It is great to do the WOW thing every now and then.  It's great to get out of your comfort zone.  It was crazy to drive a couple of blocks in the snow with the top down.  The surprise factor was pure fun.  It's great to share a person's joy because it becomes your own.  It's great to have a wonderful friend, who is your friend, because she is your friend.

Today, this morning, I called her to say don't put the top down today.  Far too cold and too much snow.  Reality check.

Peggy made my day.  But more importantly she started my year off in a great way.


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