10 things to do on Martin Luther King's birthday

Dr. King would have been 85 years today, had he lived.  I wonder how the world would be with his presence.   Would he be President of the United States?  Would he be invited to the White House?  Would he be in Atlanta preaching?  Would he be lecturing at colleges and universities?

We celebrate King's birthday today in a variety of ways.  His birthday Is not a mattress sale, a car sale, a coat sale or a party at a club.  I believe, he would resist these actions.

Here's a list of positive things you might do to celebrate King's birthday.

1.  Read a book authored by Dr. King.
  Why We Can't Wait, From Chaos to Community and The Strength to Love.

2.  Read on of the biographies on Dr. King and learn about his life.

3.  Read his letter, From A Birmingham Jail and discuss it.

4. Read about Ghandi's Non Violence methods.

5.  If you were alive and remember King's life find 10 young people and have a group discussion.

6.  If you are a young person and are just curious about King, find someone you admire, perhaps a preacher or teacher, and ask questions.

7.  Visit the DuSable Museum.

8. Go on YOU TUBE and find King speeches.

9.  Visit the Dr. King Monument in Washington.

10.  Look at a documentary on King's life.

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