Christmas Presents!

If I were Santa Claus and could put whatever under the tree, these are the gifts I would deliver.

For Mayor Emanuel                         A Blue Bike and a Ventra Card

For  Jay Z                                            A New Baby

Lady GaGa                                          A Chicago Penthouse

Rod Blagojevich                                 A Pardon

Jesse Jackson Jr.                               A Pardon

Williams Beavers                               A Pardon

Robin Thicke                                      The Golden Hits of Marvin Gaye

Mike Tyson                                          A Reality Show

Oprah                                                    A Oscar

Tyler Perry                                           A Brioni Suit

President Obama                               Mandela's Handbook

Bill O'Reilly                                         A Tour with Al Sharpton

Rev. Jesse Jackson                              A TV Show

Halle Berry                                          The Lena Horne Movie

Sun Times                                            Feature Stories

Fox News Chicago                              Black Commentators

Chicago                                                 New Schools

The Pope                                               A trip to Chicago





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