Why the VENTRA CARD anyway?

 Why did the CTA contract with VENTRA in the first place?  I see no advantage, other than simply making a credit card company rich.  The card seems designed for the poor.  The strip cards were working very well, thank you very much.  Is CTA in the transportation business, meaning get the trains and buses running on time, or are they in the debit card business?


The best feature about the old card, was the feature of instantly recording your fare, and letting you know how much money was available on your card.  That feature has been removed from the VENTRA Card. 


Other flaws in the VENTRA CARD are it records your whereabouts.   Your privacy is invaded.   It tracks your trips, your route, your time of travel.    Why?  It also has the ability to  deduct from your card, simple because you passed the box on the bus.  In other words, it can deduct bus fare from your card and you not know it. This is too much power to be handed to the CTA or to the VENTRA CARD system.


What is the $424 million value of the Ventra Card?  I see none.  I will be using the CTA with cash.  It ain’t nobody’s business where I go, when I go and what bus or train I took to get there. 

Do you like the VEntra CArd?



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