Four Policewomen and Police Harrasment

Chicago policemen should have classes on manner and priorities.  I met one of the rudest people ever this morning, in a uniform.  I can see why Chicago has a high crime rate.

I was on State Street, in front of DePaul University in downtown Chicago.   There were two of us  in the car and we were dropping off papers.  I was on State stopped not park as my colleague  ran in.  It was for about a minute.   Suddenly on the driver's side, I was approached by a policewoman and asked for my driver's license and insurance card.  I gave her both.  She went back to three other police women on the street.    One looked at my driver's license.  Another  policewoman checked the insurance card.  Another policewoman  was in front of the car and another  in the rear.  She approached me again, to say, that she could take me to the station.  "  Why would you take me to the station," I asked.     She said because she could if she wanted to.

She clearly was an angry woman.  I wondered what the hell  had  I done to have the  attention of four policemen.  The officer finally said, she was going to issue me a ticket, but not a moving violation.  She told me the sticker on my license plate was not straight.  She said policemen didn't have time  to look for stickers.  I asked was  a  "crooked sticker" illegal.        She said no.  What is wrong with this woman of the law?    I was nervous and could hear me saying to myself take low, talk soft, don't react.

As the policewoman scolded me and I had taken 100 deep breaths,  and said my prayers, I said to the officer, my car taxes are  all paid. The crooked sticker pays your salary.  Why does it take four policemen to write  a ticket?  Why aren't you protecting the children?

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