Food Gallery & Whole Foods in ENGLEWOOD

 Whole Foods in Englewood????

 Is it a good idea to put premier stellar grocer Whole Foods in Englewood?  It is a noble  philosophical idea, but is it realistic?    Whole Foods is a high end, fresh foodie, usually found  located in upper crust neighborhoods.  They feature  organic, unusual, eatery.  It is not the average common fare, although you can find milk, bread and butter mixed with hand made soap.   The food is good, but not necessarily affordable for all. 

I am a fresh food nut.  I enjoy the city’s  Farmer Markets.  I enjoy driving in the country shopping at the vegetable food stands on the road.   The food is usually cheap and picked straight from the garden , right off the vine and most enjoyable.  This is the impression of Whole Foods, but at a very high price.

 As Whole Foods prepares for Englewood in 2016 is it a realistic proposition from an economic stance.    The average income for an Englewood residence is $19,743 according to the census tract. 

I went shopping at Whole Foods and randomly looked at about 12 items that an Englewood dweller  might purchase.    Take a look at the pricing.  Is it affordable? 

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