Black Male Rules

Given the Trayvon Martin verdict that literally allows a "suspect" young Black male to be killed without consequence, it is time for there to be a rule book in place for young black men.  As we listen to the public discussion on race, all Black men say they share the experience of fear on the streets.

The streets are a dangerous place for young black men as they are being gunned down by their peers and the police.  What do you tell your Black boys about the street?   You give them some rules for functioning  as they exist  on the street facing reality.

  1. Pull up your pants.
  2. Wear a dress shirt with a tie.
  3. Take off the jeans, wear casual  pants.
  4. It you are stopped by the police, keep your hands in the air.
  5. With a law enforcement officer, for no reason, at  all should you put your hands in your pocket.
  6. Be polite and do exactly as policemen tell you.
  7. Tell the policemen your name, your age, your school,your address  and your social security number.
  8. If you are told you have one call to make, call your parent or a lawyer.
  9. Have a lawyer’s name on file at home for cases of emergency.
  10. Keep your identification in your pocket, identification, such as a driver's license, social securiy card or school id.
  11. Carry a brief case rather than a back pack.
  12. Boys who wear braids are more likely to be harass by policemen than those with short hair cuts.  Think about it.
  13. If you are stopped by the policemen, note the officer’s badge number and car number. Don’t write it down, remember it, so you can report it to the proper authorites.
  14. Do not talk to the policemen alone.  Take  your parents, your minister, your teacher with you if at all possible.
  15. If you are stopped  by law enforcers while driving, don’t reach for the  glove compartment.  Keep important cards in your wallet.
  16. If you have to open your wallet, ask the officer permission to do so.
  17. Memorize your social security number.
  18. If you are driving, with your windows down, keep your music low, rather than loud.
  19. Do not wear a scarf, skull hat, ski hat or hoodie  on your head.
  20. Be alert at all times.  Know where you are and watch what your are doing.







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