Bobbie "Blue"Bland Made the Blues Blue


The Blues just got bluer with the death of Bobby Blue Bland.  His voice was unusal.    It was gruff and tender at the same time.  It was smooth and rough.    He emoted and you could hear the pain, the love, the suffering, the loneliness and the joy all in a single wale.

I am not necessarily a blues lover, but Bland was the bomb.  I saw him in Chicago and absolutely fell in love with him music  and became a real fan.  He was smooth.  I remember him as a very humble gentlemen.

He was one of the greats and made it look so easy.  He simply stood tall and sang his song.  He made the lyrics jump and swell your heart as his woman left him or his heart was broken or as he just talked about the downward turns of life.  He made love weep.

His voice was full of gospel.  “I Pity the Fool” and “Stormy Monday” were all time favorites.  He crossed over and was often found at the local festivals with a big band sound.  He and B. B. King appeared often together.

Blues has lost a giant.  He is in the Hall of Fame.  If you ever heard him you will remember his voice.  He made the Blues Blue.    He lives in the Hall of Fame.


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