Was Beavers steam rolled?

The verdict is in. Commissioner William Beavers was found guilty on all charges in just 45 minutes.   Murphy’s law was in effect.  Unfortunately he did not have a jury of his peers. He has been steamed rolled.  There was not one African American male on the jury.   The judge looked as though he was angry about something.  He emptied the courtroom, he gagged the lawyers.  Hello America.  The case reads like a “legal” lynching.

Beavers has  been controversial and he remains so.  He’s has swagger and the kind of confidence that makes some uncomfortable.    He  has been called arrogant.    He said, “I am no punk.”  The case started out with him owing more than $200,000 in taxes. In ended that it was only $30,000, all of which he argues he paid back as a loan from one account to another.    His expert witness, a Certified Public Accountant was not allowed to testify. Thus Beavers, decision not to take the stand.

Beavers ask, when did the FBI and the IRS come visit him at home regarding federal taxes.  It certainly would have been easy enough to establish a payment plan, as many do with the feds.  But when the feds knock on the door of a Black politician, you are just about promised trouble of the worse kind  is brewing.   Beavers points out he was asked to wear a wire on another politician for the purpose of entrapment.  .  He refused, thus his day in court was arranged.  Interesting, isn’t it that Fitzgerald resigned.  What politician did the Feds want for the squeal?   Is it really John Daley, or is the former Mayor?

Beavers points out that we have seen the demise of Michael Scott, Orlando Jones and Chris Kelly, all supposedly committed suicide as they were pressured by government forces to reveal information on their friends and bosses.

Politics is a dirty game, for Black men it can be  a dangerous outlandish career with traps all over, particularly  when  real power is assumed.    That might be why Black politicians  have become so  weak and voiceless.    Take a look. Beavers has  been a stand up guy.  He had been an advocate, sometimes the lone voice, in City Council for African American businesses to gain their fair share of city contracts an amount that has never exceeded over ten percent.    He has taken firm stances.  He is not a novice.  He has been  effective.

Is someone trying to intimidate or quiet the hog?  Beavers will appeal his case, and if given a fair trial, with a jury of his peers and allowed to testify with expert witnesses, he will probably win his case.   He may even take the stand in the court room.

I think he has been steam rolled.



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