Mayor Bloomberg Goes to Congress


The election is over.  A new congresswoman has been elected in Chicago's second congressional district.  Congratulations to Robin Kelly and Mayor Bloomberg.  This was a crowded race and it was a national one.  A new political trend has begun.

This was a race about money.   Who could buy the seat?   The wealthy Mayor of New York dumped four million dollars into the race.  Two million went to television in negative advertising against one candidate.  And another two million for someone he says he never saw or spoke to.  Interesting.  He even says he never even talked to Mayor Emanuel about the race.  Another interesting fact.

So, has the Bloomberg factor introduced a new phase of political action?  The answer is yes. Bloomberg is the new political boss, based on money.  The new trend perhaps is Mr. Bloomberg and other money machines will support Black candidates not necessarily for the people or the community or the interests but for other reasons.   Kelly ran a one-note campaign.  It was Bloomberg’s gun control.

I hope the new Congresswoman will serve the community well.  Hopefully a fresh new season has begun.  Hopefully the airport efforts that the former Congressman worked so diligently for will be a part of the Kelly agenda.  It would be a stimulus for the south side.

Kelly won with New York money.  I hope I really do hope that she serves the people of the second.  Chicago is a city known for clout, but it always stayed at home.



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  • I think Mayor Bloomberg is adapting the Chicago Way. Don't underestimate our "third city" status. When it comes to overbearing politics and making sure "your guy" gets in, Chicago and Illinois lead the country and world. We've had the best politics money can buy in Chicago and Illinois for years. Bloomberg has just been studying the "Chicago Way" Handbook and is using the "Paint Spray" approach to micro-managing the lives of New Yorkers. No spray pain can be purchased in Chicago, and no Big Gulp in NYC.

    Robin Kelly is Obama's and Mayor Rahm's "guy" visa-a-vie Mayor Bloomberg.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    So, then should we also extend Chicago to New York?

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