Harry Belafonte

Harry Belafonte won the NAACP Springarn Medal at the Image Awards.  His long time friend, Sidney Poitier, presented it to him.  It was a magical moment on  the stage to see the senior actors on stage together hugging and having the next generation witnessing greatest.

Mr. Belafonte reminded us that he was not an actor that found activism but rather an activist that found acting.  I love Harry Bellefonte not only because of his breakthroughs and his love for social justice but for his social relevancy at all times, no matter the occasion.  He did not loose site of the platform or the stage or the audience.

He commented on Black America’s current social condition.  As he accepted his speech, he spoke eloquently about today’s social conditions.  Black men being jailed, blood running in the streets among our youth.  He was rich with his social analysis.

He reminded of his real award and his rich greatness.   He spoke of his real hero, Paul Roberson.  He spoke, we listened to his work with Dr. King, South Africa, his Calypso history making, having the first million record seller.  He was regal and real.

His remarks so moving that he caused Jamie Fox to forget his prepared remarks and say that I will recommit myself to my community.

Harry Belafonte was being recognized in his industry. Bravo Sir. Bravo.

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