The Sisterhood!

There is a new reality TV  series about Black women.  It’s called The Sisterhood and it is about five pastors’ wives from Atlanta.  As you might know, the pastor’s wife is often referred to as First Ladies.

The program showed the lives of the pastor’s wives  behind the scenes of the church  at home in their dutiful roles. They were really ordinary women in interesting roles of perfection.    One women is a former prostitute, who along the way got saved and married a preacher. They are having problems with intimacy.  She says sex is easy but intimacy is hard.  She is in counsel.

Another woman is having a problem with sharing power in the church with her husband.  She wants a co pastor situation not a pastor, pastor wife situation.  She is fighting for her position of authority and is willing to tumble her husband to be in control.

The ladies all  visit a white woman friend for tea and on the door of her front porch is  a sign reading Planatation.   The black women are offended by it and disucss it. The white woman is insulted  by the discussion, not realizing  the impact of the word plantation on the black psyche.

The show is interesting, but it is not about the women of the church.  It is about the women as they live their lives and struggle with everything every professional woman or professional couple struggles with.  None of them seem to be really in love with their husbands.  And the church element seems to be something to  play with.

You never felt that the women were sincere and dedicated, and that  the church was merely a work commodity.


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