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The Sisterhood!

There is a new reality TV  series about Black women.  It’s called The Sisterhood and it is about five pastors’ wives from Atlanta.  As you might know, the pastor’s wife is often referred to as First Ladies. The program showed the lives of the pastor’s wives  behind the scenes of the church  at home in... Read more »

Combat Women!

The armed forces comprise 14% of the 1.4 million of army personnel.  A change is about to come. Women this year will be allowed to go into physical combat on the front line.  That means women will be able to fight in the war, just like the men with guns, in the fox hole and... Read more »

Did She or Didn’t She?

Beyonce has been under attack for her performance at the President’s Inaugural Ceremony. Questioned is whether or she lip sync her version of The Star Spangle Banner. Did she really sing in her voice or did she sing to a tape, is the question. She probably sung to a tape, which was wise for a... Read more »

The Dream is in Your Hands

Every now and then history delivers a poetic moment.  So it is today, Monday, January 22, 2013.  President Barack Obama is sworn in for a second term as the nation celebrates the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  This is a day well recorded for history buffs.  The Emancipation Proclamation is 150 years old... Read more »