Did She or Didn’t She?

Beyonce has been under attack for her performance at the President’s Inaugural Ceremony. Questioned is whether or she lip sync her version of The Star Spangle Banner.

Did she really sing in her voice or did she sing to a tape, is the question. She probably sung to a tape, which was wise for a singer.

A Singer’s voice is a precious tool and cold air is not your voice’s best friend.  The cold air is the enemy.   Cold air closes your throat.  So a smart choice in a front of million of people live and countless others on TV worldwide is to use a tape and lip sink.  It is the real professional thing to do.

So if you miss a note, or the cold closes your throat, or you get nervous, or you miss a word, the tape allows for perfection and control.

Beyonce did a good job whether she lip sync or not. She was professional and protected her special gifted voice.



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