Combat Women!

The armed forces comprise 14% of the 1.4 million of army personnel.  A change is about to come. Women this year will be allowed to go into physical combat on the front line.  That means women will be able to fight in the war, just like the men with guns, in the fox hole and qualify for being a seal and in all of the danger of war.

Women in the armed forces here to date have not been front line fighters. They have been in supplemental and supportive roles that have been relatively safe jobs.  But now women will be allowed full combat positions.  I guess this is equal opportunity.

I have a mixed emotion.  It is a dangerous position and it means women change into fighters rather than nurturers.  It means women subjects themselves to the front line, into the line of fire.  It means women will be treated like men and take on the force of war.

I guess if you are in war and you want to participate, you should participate full and that means fighting.  It also means women will grow into the command positions of the troop and move into the poser position of general and captain.

This is great I suppose.  But I still like the gentleman to tip his hat, open the door and hold the seat.  The women of war will be another breed and when they come home they will be far beyond being the little woman who stands by her man.

She will be a woman of war.  Women of combat.

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