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Is the Second Congressional District in the State of Illinois cursed?    Those considering the post should think twice.    The past three Congressmen have all faced shameful exits.  Because of Congressman Jesse Jackson, Mr.’s resignation a special election is necessary for the citizens of the South Side and the South Suburbs.

And again controversy looms as the candidates assemble.   As Donne Trotter was on his way to being slated by the Democratic Committee, he was, arrested at O’Hara Airport on December 5 for caring a weapon.  He had appropriate papers and the gun was registered.  The pundits have dismissed Trotter with what I think are silly questions, regarding his secondary employment as a security guard.  A lot of people these days have second jobs and are not obligated to broadcast it.

Trotter has had an unblemished record as a legislator. Congress is a natural career progression and he is an excellent candidate for the spot with a proven track record as a legislator. He has fought for health care for low-income families in Family Care and Kid programs.   He is the Chair of the Appropriations Committee and is a member of the State Revenue and Appropriations Committee and The Economic and Fiscal Commission.   Of the field of candidates he is the most experienced legislator.   He is the right guy now for Washington D.C,.    Trotter served in Springfield with then Senator Barrack Obama.

Carrying a gun on an aircraft is a federal offense.  Trotter was wrong to have the gun in the bag that he forgot was there.   How do you forget the gun in the bag?  The courts might throw the book at him, to make him a public example   but in his bid for Congress his legislative records should be considered more than his gun.  His experienced in the jail cell was most humbly.  He now has a new view.

Black Reality.

The reality of a Black man carrying a gun on the dangerous South Side of Chicago should be noted.    In spite of the police reports stating that the crime rate in Chicago is on a downward trend it doesn’t quite feel like that on Chicago’s South Side. Moving about in the evenings and early night in South Side neighborhoods is cause to carry a gun for protection and out of fear.    The police don’t always get there in time.

I may take scorn for telling it, but a lot of Black men carry guns.  With the arrest of Trotter, I hope everyone pays attention to registration of the gun they may carry.  Why?  Scared of the policemen and now scared of the young thug. A lot of Black businessmen carry guns.   Why?  It is perceived they carry money and they are prime candidates for robbery.   A lot of preachers carry guns, particularly on Mondays.   A lot of teachers carry guns.   They fear the  children they teach   might have surprise weapons in their backpacks.   A lot of alderman carries guns as they perform public duty.    Why?  Simple. Fear.  They are not looking for trouble, but want protection in case it comes.   Some argue better to have it than not.  Better for the police to lock me up than the thug to shoot.  A lot of old black men carry guns. They remember life in a different time.   Some Black men, particularly older ones, take second jobs as security guards or in the Sheriff Department so that they can carry guns and have the power of arrest.

I recall being at a heated aldermanic debate some years ago. It was an open forum that got out of hand.  As one of the female alderwoman was being physically approached she went in her purse and pulled her gun on the stage and the meeting quieted down, because she was not to be threatened.

I know an elderly Black man who carries a gun open in his car as he approaches his Englewood home.  He is regularly arrested.  But he smiles and tells the police; the thug won’t shoot me in cold blood.  I live in Englewood and I can’t fight.  As he pulls into his garage, particularly at night, the gun is on the seat of the car.    The policemen ask him why do you carry the gun.  His reply is, I am in my nineties and I live in Englewood. End of story.

I know a young man who recently broke his leg and is on public transportation as he travels from home to work.  He carries a knife.  I argued with him that this was dangerous.  He dismissed me because he said you don’t know the streets, like I do.

One Thursday evening,  on the way home, seven young men jumped him at the Metro Station downtown on Michigan Avenue.  When he pulled his knife they ran away.  He called the police and the crime was reported but the young men got away.    The young teens probably attended a charter or catholic school, because they had on uniform clothing.  I asked the attacked young man what would happen had he not had the knife.    He said seven against one, I could be dead, beaten or robbed.   He has been robbed on the Metro line before.  He said,   I am a sitting duck with a cast on my foot.    He justified carry a knife.    The tough reality is that people are afraid on the streets of Chicago, so many are arming themselves.    This is the problem that should gain public focus.

During this holiday time, crime is up. When you read about the gang shootings and killings at the funeral, and the Michigan Avenue stabbings in the bathroom at the high-end restaurant, you think twice about where you travel.   You think again about what neighborhood you visit.   Is it better to be safe than sorry?

This is the reality of living on the South Side where the crime rate does not appear to be going down. Trotter was wrong to carry the gun, yet understandable.  The pundits and the editorial writers should walk a mile in his shoes before coming up with knick names.

I have been to social events, political forums, community meetings and the like with Trotter and have seen him and his staff makes a concerted effort to escort women to their cars for protection.

Trotter is well respected and his likeability is high.  I hope this mishap does not take him out of the race and the second congressional misses an opportunity for a well place, well-meaning and experienced legislator.


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  • I see nothing at all with anybody carrying a gun, and don't let the skin color fool you. I go in all those neighborhoods for work and passing through. I live on the south side.

    Maybe the dust up wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that Trotter is known as an anti-gun advocate. Mr. non-blemish is a hypocrite; that's all. But all politicians are. This is aside from his just recently being certified and some interesting revenue accumulation.

    If Illinois, the only state in the union without a concealed carry law, were to change, even the moron street scum, with brains in their asses, might think twice if they knew the ninety year old guy would not be questioned by the police, and hassled more than them?

    You got a mayor who got body guards whose not worried about all that. He still thinks that guns kill people; that they go out on their own for an evening and just kill around town.

    Would the mayor only be caught once, maybe in the bathroom of a fancy hotel on Michigan Avenue, and confronted with a madman or scum with a knife gun and he pee himself before unzipping. Maybe, but only maybe, would there be some changes. His detail probably stands side-by-side with him at the urinal, no doubt. Especially now.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Thanks for writing. Those who have body guards should drop the guards for a week and lets see what they do. My point is simple. Its dangerous in the streets from North Michigan Avenue to South Michigan Avenue. People are scared.

  • First, Trotter earns over 90,000 a year as a state legislator. Secondly, a .25 automatic pistol is not a gun a security guard carries. Last, you are assuming he is telling the truth. Remember, he is an Illinois politician.

  • In reply to Peter Bella:

    You are correct in his earnings. I do not know what a security guard carries. And I do assume he is telling the truth. Have you noted his perfect record?

    Did you note that Trotter's bail was $25,000 and that Daley's Nephew's bail was $10,000 for manslaughter. Why do you think there is such a difference.

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    i find it hilarious that an anti-gun politician doubles as a security guard and is punished by his own illegal,unconstitutional law!let him rot in jail like those he purposely punished unduly!

  • Wow.

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    I have no problem with any decent, sane person who wants to carry a gun for protection. Race, gender, ethnicity, etc. are irrelevant. I assume you are aware that gun control began as a way to disarm blacks and other "undesirables" so that they could not stand up to the racist thugs who attacked them. Illinois is the one remaining state in which there is no provision for civilians to legally carry guns. This is due entirely to the Democratic political machine in and around Chicago. (The rest of the state favors civilian carry.) The best way for you, Mr. Trotter and like-minded people to carry legally is to beat on Chicago politicians until they cease their pigheaded obstructionism.

  • In reply to Kendahl:

    Thanks for weighing in. I was just trying to keep it real.

  • Im always reminded of that quote by Otto Ameringer "Politics is the art of taking money from the poor on the pretense of protecting them from the rich."

  • I appreciate your comments. Thanks for writing.

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