The Class of 2012 at Sandy Hook

The killings of the 20 first graders at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut is too painful.     You think immediately of your children, your first graders  or your childhood.  You remember your first grade.  First graders should not have to be trained on defensive behavior.  Are we living in a war zone?  Some communities have been living this reality for a long time.  We are all threatened and we should wake up.   The killing of precious 20  first graders and the six  dedicated women staffers ranges from unbelievable to impossible. President Obama did what most did, when realizing the news.  Cry and question the  why of the insanity.

There is no reason, there is no excuse.    Analysis’s can talk until the cows come home. There are evil people in our society and there are sick people who engage in negative behavior.    White crazy kids are killing in public places  and in mass and Black crazy kids are killing each other, individually  on the streets.

We  need to look at our society with a microscopic view to figure out why.  America’s youth is violent. We live among and have raised a violent generation. Their music is violent, their games are violent, and the language  is violent.    You cannot listen to derogatory music all day, and play killings games and walk away unaffected. Learning is taking place.  Our children are being taught vicariously that violence is the answer to conflict. Violence is the resolve.

The movies need to change. The violent virtual games need to change. Censorship is in order for the free society that is out of control.   The music needs to change.  Realizing the freedom of speech button pops up; a violent culture is being nurtured with all kinds of media  - new, social and old.      We look at stupid TV from reality craziness   to the cursing housewife to the insane game show.     James Bond,  and Batman,   are  the good violent heroes.     As the government balances the budget, the mental health programs are being eliminated and the sick ones don’t have the insurance or places to go for professional  mental help.

In the aftermath of the shock and dismay, schools all over will look at safety programs and write manuals and the more able schools will even hire security.  Some might take it to the extreme and even search student books and back bags. Some teachers and principals might even pack.  But the problem still exists.  A crazed one will break the safety pattern and do something wildly insane and unthinkable.

I hope at this time, after this incident, our political leaders will step up and forget their politics and do what’s right for the people they are voted to serve.   We need common sense approaches not legislative jargon.  Lead us Mr. President into your change factor.     Forget the strong gun lobby.  Tell them to go to hell. New gun control laws are required.  How and why does any teenager need a gun?  He doesn’t.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg, of New York, points out that American gun laws are two fold, one urban and one rural.  The heavy-duty gun lobbyists argue the hunters need the law to carry a gun in their favor so they can hunt rabbits.    But what about the urban kids?  They are hunting people.   It’s a new and   different time and the law needs to change.  Maybe it would be a big idea, if the rural guys stopped shooting the animals for fun and sportsmanship  because now the kids are shooting each other for sport.

Americans everywhere are living in fear   -  from small towns to big cities.  The fear ranges  from   movie entertainment to the shopping mall, to the place of worship and now to the youngest of  classrooms.   This cripples us as a nation. Freedoms yes, but fears no.  We need new laws.  The teacher is not trained for combat and the children should  not be prepared for defense.

Schools, all schools should be safe havens.  First graders should be in the safest place on earth.  Lanza, the murderer, was a sick sick person.

If the Sandy Hook incident does not bring about a change in gun laws, on the eve of the Christmas celebration, in the rich, elite, small  town, with the youngest of innocent children, nothing will.  New Laws would be the best way to remember the teachers and children of Sandy Hook.

God bless us all as we live our daily lives.

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