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Have you seen Django, yet?

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DJANGO UNCHAINED, the new movie by Quentin Tarantino is playing to mixed reviews.  Whites will view and review this movie one-way and Blacks will view   it another way.  It is not a traditional film and it confronts Black images and stereotypes head on.  It forces an honest discussion on  America’s race relations. Jamie Foxx is distinguishing himself as... Read more »

Charlie Trotter's Auction

I was curious about Charlie  Trotter’s auction of his restaurant delectable. Curiously I visited the auction to survey the goods.  I wanted something from my favorite eatery to incorporate into my kitchen.    His Lincoln Park restaurant had a very homey feel.  You felt like you were coming to Trotter’s cooking home rather than a high-end... Read more »

The Class of 2012 at Sandy Hook

The killings of the 20 first graders at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut is too painful.     You think immediately of your children, your first graders  or your childhood.  You remember your first grade.  First graders should not have to be trained on defensive behavior.  Are we living in a war zone?  Some communities... Read more »

Terrisa's Wedding

  My friend, Terrisa Griffin married Attorney John Kendall over the Thanksgiving holiday.  She planned her wedding for a year.  It was perfect. Congressman Bobbie Rush at his church married her.  The church was regal with flowers all over.  Bobbie was quite the minister.  The bride and groom surprised each other with their rings. Teresa... Read more »

Trotter's Gun

  Is the Second Congressional District in the State of Illinois cursed?    Those considering the post should think twice.    The past three Congressmen have all faced shameful exits.  Because of Congressman Jesse Jackson, Mr.’s resignation a special election is necessary for the citizens of the South Side and the South Suburbs. And again controversy looms... Read more »