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The Ruin of Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.

I regret the resignation of Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr.  I love him and have watched him grow from a toddler to becoming a   Distinguished Gentleman of Illinois.  I was very much apart of his initial race, where a special election was held after Congressman’s Mel Reynolds sex scandal.   Jackson represented the Second Congressional district well,... Read more »

An Evening with Barry Gordy at History Makers

It was a historic evening with Barry Gordy at The Art Institute for the History Makers affair, Saturday, November 17.  Barry Gordy, the musical icon was on stage being interviewed about his  luxurious career by award winning journalist Gwen Ifill. Gordy the creator of Motown revealed that he was the accomplished song writer in adddition... Read more »

Newlyweds - Meet the Normans

Art Norman got married.  This is the story of pure romance.  Art Norman is the jolliest guy you will every meet.  He lost his wife some years ago.    He left his job  at NBC as a television personality  to give his wife his full attention.  He gave her, her bucket list in absolutely every way. ... Read more »

Daymond John Live in Chicago November 30

DAYMOND JOHN of ABC’s Shark Tank is the coolest.  He will be here in Chicago Live On Friday, November 30, at the NDIGO BUSINESS BREAKFAST.  This is a morning of business  opportunity for the  entepreneur looking to grow  business or for the fresh business with  a  product, or for the  start up with a bright... Read more »

Aging Male Politicians

Here’s a revolutionary thought that voters might consider. As men age their sexuality dwindles.  They are not as active as  they were in their cherish youth  and sometimes in light of that they engage in interesting behavior.  Married men might seek extra marital affairs, they may seek  out children, they may seek out less challenging... Read more »

Look who's coming to Breakfast!


He Won

  President Barrack Obama won.  He ran a brilliant campaign.  He made history again, part II, by winning.    The night was predicted as long.  The democratic victory was declared by 11 p.m.   It wasn’t so long.    There was a roar in McCormick Place.    2012 however, was very different than 2008.  The romance was  over, the... Read more »

Election Eve. I predict President Obama wins again.

It is voting eve.  Tomorrow , Tuesday, November 6 , is Election Day in America.  I have been contacted today by the British Broadcast Radio to comment on tomorrow’s  election night. Then I was contacted by Danish Radio for the same.   Chicago is receiving international attention on  an important election.  The direction of the... Read more »