Newlyweds - Meet the Normans

Art Norman got married.  This is the story of pure romance.  Art Norman is the jolliest guy you will every meet.  He lost his wife some years ago.    He left his job  at NBC as a television personality  to give his wife his full attention.  He gave her, her bucket list in absolutely every way.  He was the perfect partner and we should all be so lucky to have Art as a husband.

When she passed he was overwhelmed with sorrow and went to grief counseling.  In doing so he met his new wife. She is Terry Diggs, a corporate executive. She too was grieving over the lost of a loved one, her father.   They were wonderfully paired, as they met interestingly.

Well the grieving ceased a new  beginning for the both of them.  They joined in a brand new life, with marriage.  Second marriages and mid life marriages are very different than the first.   People know who they are and what they want.

Even when we say never again or realize the pain of divorce or death, you think and you wonder if you will ever love again.  The Normans prove you can love again, but you might love differently.

This lovely couple took their vows with tears and laughter.  The groom and his groomsmen walked in on When A Man Loves a Woman.  It was soulful and powerful and everybody in the church laughed, it was pure Art.  The Lord’s Prayer was beautifully sung, it was purely the bride.    The bride cried as she took her vows.  The women cried with her.

And as they prepare for a brand new life, let the life lesson be, you can love again no matter what and the thing to do is to keep your heart, your mind and your options open.

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