Election Eve. I predict President Obama wins again.

It is voting eve.  Tomorrow , Tuesday, November 6 , is Election Day in America.  I have been contacted today by the British Broadcast Radio to comment on tomorrow's  election night. Then I was contacted by Danish Radio for the same.   Chicago is receiving international attention on  an important election.  The direction of the country is at stake.  This has been an interesting election process.   The world wants to know what Chicago thinks.    This is the place to be.

Billions have been spent to determine who will occupy the White House.  The election has been negative for the most part.  Neither candidate answered the real questions.  The questions that Joe the Plummer might ask.

The First Ladies rose to the occasion.  Michele became America's  best politician.  Ann stepped up.  Both families looking  model perfect.   The debates were a game changer.  Romney came into his own after the first debate.    Clint Eastwood made a fool out of himself talking to a chair.   Bill  Clinton is officially the senior statesmen of them all. Clinton speaks, we listen.  Oprah stayed home.  JayZ came out.  Mayor Emanuel rallied the money.

The storm came and stopped the election.  I think it was God voting.  I just don't know who he was voting for.  But it was great TV coverage to see President Barack Obama being hugged and praised by Governor Christie.   The Mayor of New York, Bloomberg endorsed President Obama.     Governor Christie is the one who said on Meet The Press,  President Obama was like a Chicago ward boss.  Well now, what a difference a day makes.  Ward bosses show up.     I wonder how the storm people will vote.   The pundits claim Ohio is THE KEY STATE.  He who wins Ohio, becomes the President, so they predict.   The election could be a cliff hanger  with  one  candidate winning the electoral college and another the popular vote.  What a way to go.

Racism  raised  its ugly head. A new code has been established, "Take America Back."   The T party has come and gone. Where did the "occupiers" go?  The teachers in Chicago struck and  won.  Fox has become number one with its coverage.  The election process is far too long.  We should put new laws in place, to say the presidential campaign can last no longer than six months. Enough already.

Early voting came into its own.  The lines were long everywhere.  Early voting has been heavy,   Mr. apathy went away.   Voting  is up from 2008.  The mood is different.  The weather is different.  History is made again. The election will be a close call.  The candidates are in a dead heat right up to the very last.

I predict President Barack Obama wins a second term.   What do you think?

See you tomorrow.


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