Daymond John Live in Chicago November 30

DAYMOND JOHN of ABC's Shark Tank is the coolest.  He will be here in Chicago Live On Friday, November 30, at the NDIGO BUSINESS BREAKFAST. 

This is a morning of business  opportunity for the  entepreneur looking to grow  business or for the fresh business with  a  product, or for the  start up with a bright idea or if you have a professional service to render.  The NDIGO  Shark Business Breakfast takes place at the Kroc Center at 119th  and Ada.   Breakfast will be served and parking is free.

Part l of the morning I will interview Daymond John on Branding.  He will discuss the power of branding. How do you brand?  What does your brand say?  How do you elevate your brand?  How do you develop your brand?   He is an expert on branding having developed his very own with the international   clothing line FUBU.  His professional credits include working with the Kardisians.  He  is an absolute genius on Power Branding and one of America's most successful serial businessmen.

Six of the ticket holders  will be chosen to present to a Shark Team just like on TV.  You will have the opportunity to present to Daymond John , as the lead Shark, Tyrone Stroudermire  of AON  Hewitt an international corporate business expert, Tracey Bell a diversity Manager from Walgreen’s and Charles Johnson a business joint venture dealmaker.  Mr. Johnson is formerly of Magic Johnson Enterprise.

This will be an exciting morning filled with business opportunity from investment to deals to retail shelf space.    If you are interested in your product going on Walgreen shelves, this meeting is for you.  Walgreen is seeking products from  neighborhood to international distribution and private label.   They will look at your business and take you where you are.  After the presentations Walgreens will discuss getting on the shelf and professional services with all of the participants.

The Ndigo Business Breakfast is Friday, November 30.  At the new Kroc Center on 119th Street, Breakfast is served promptly at 7:30 a.m.



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  • Brillant businessman that he is........why must he rock that pimpy look double earings REALLY.

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