Aging Male Politicians

Here’s a revolutionary thought that voters might consider.

As men age their sexuality dwindles.  They are not as active as  they were in their cherish youth  and sometimes in light of that they engage in interesting behavior.  Married men might seek extra marital affairs, they may seek  out children, they may seek out less challenging partners, in some form or another.  They may seek out challenging partners, like the one they never had.

In the news lately, men of power have given reason to be  removed from their power seats because of their  ill sex practices.  In the second congressional district for example, we have lost the last  three congressmen  to sex dilly dallleys over the past 30 years.  So maybe, its time for a woman to come forth.

And in Washington, two days after the presidential election, the head of CIA, David Petaeus  has resigned because of his affairs with not one but  a couple of  married women.  And it has also been reported that the British Broadcast too has been brought down by yet another sex scandal from one of the world’s most respected news organizations.    And even Elmo's creator gets into the act, with full equal gay opportunity.  Oh no not Elmo.

Well now, it makes you think, doesn’t it?  Maybe just maybe, after men reach the middle age of 45 years we should watch them very carefully.  And maybe just maybe after the age of 50 maybe we should not allow them to serve in  powerhouse positions.  Maybe just maybe after 50 we should put these guys on bed watch, that is, we should have aides that tuck them in at home next to their wives.  Maybe just maybe we should have zipper administrators. And  maybe just maybe the CIA guys should all have AIDS testing.

Maybe just maybe that’s when women should come to power.  Maybe just maybe the sex scandals would lessen.  Maybe just maybe the work  production would increase.  Maybe just maybe we kill two birds with one stone, that is, men out because they cannot control their impulses and women enter the  body politic because they are less threatening and we can increase the role  of the female politician.

Interesting thought don’t you think?



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