Early Voting

Yesterday was the first day of early voting in Chicago.  I voted and saw crowds of people.  I went to the King Center on 43rd and Cottage mid morning only to find a two-hour wait.  People were in line.  I left and went to the Bee Library on 36th and State.  The voting wait was about an hour and they were handing out numbers.  People were patient and quiet and waiting.

There was a psychological effect from the library.  On the walls where you sat to wait, there were books and pictures on slavery that graced the wall.   As you waited you could not help but to look at the walls and see the slave “citizen” of yesteryear.  An hour of sitting, gave you a lot of time to think and read the photos and biographies on the wall.  What have Black folk gone through to get to this era of Barrack Obama?  Mid morning on Monday morning there were a lot of seniors in the room. They were saying it didn’t matter how long they had to wait.  They remembered their parents of the south and their grandparents who waited and still could not vote.  Interesting conversation.

One man was hushed by a voting official because his conversation began to point he didn’t vote and care about race, he cared more about deed.  He began to talk to the lady behind him on how he was raised to be fair.  Was this a Romney guy?    The official told him his conversation was “electioneering” and he could not talk like that in the polling place.  He challenged her somewhat and then he became quiet.  Interesting, I thought.

Over 15,000 people showed up yesterday at Chicago polling places to be among the first to vote.    This is a higher than predicted turn out.  Good for Obama, but what did you expect in his hometown.

Vote early if you can.  Every vote counts in this election.

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