Chicago is where it's at.

I wrote a post earlier this year about their being a surge in Chicago underground Hip Hop. I've seen alot of growth take place since I wrote the post. We've had around 10 artist ink major deals. Whether you support some of these artist like Chief Keef or not its still great exposure for our city. Over the summer underground Chicago rappers have been rising into the spotlight. Rick Ross signed one to his MMG label, Chief Keef got a deal to run his own label and Beats headphone line and 2 of his comrades signed to Def Jam,and Chicago artists took  over MTV Suckerfree for a day. Alot of these artists who were basically unknown a year ago have been selling out venues across our city & out of town. Now Mountain Dew has recently been doing commercials exposing the nation to more and more of these artists. Now every week there is another major show or label executive giving opportunities to Chicago talent including myself. I predicted it would get to this now Chicago is truly where it is going down at in terms of Hip Hop. Only more greatness can come from this exposure.

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