Is Mayor Rahm Emanuel in denial about crime in Chicago?  Or is the crime on the South Side of Chicago being ignored and perhaps not included in Chicago’s overall crime report.  Or, perhaps, the crime that is happening excessively in Chicago, is in Black communities, therefore there is another take.  It is time for new action to take place, the, tactics from Superintendent McCarthy and Emanuel are not working in all parts of the city.  Chicago has a crime problem.   Chicago is in a war.

Sunday morning, September 3 on NBC’s Meet The Press when asked about the crime in Chicago being on rise at an alarming rate of thirty percent, the Mayor said it was just in parts of the city and  he said that crime was really down by ten percent.  What part of Chicago was he talking about?  Is the South Side apart of Chicago proper?      Is the Mayor in denial or is he ignoring?

Here are some statistics.  The last week in August 55 people were killed in Chicago. Over the Labor Day Holiday 24 people were crime victims.

Crime in Chicago is out of control. The evening of Sunday, September 3 at a family barbecue in the backyard in the Pill Hill community four people were shot.  One of the victims was an eleven-year-old girl.  The people on the block of Chappel are living in terror.

Is there any merit in calling the police?

On July 27 in that same neighborhood, at 5:30 in the evening a young man stood in the middle of the street and shot at another in the backyard.  It was the Wild Wild West with the people on the block in disbelief.  The block typifies Middle America, the America made of Rockwell paintings.    The residents on Chappel are professionals and the area became known as Pill Hill because doctors heavily populated it at one time.  This is a quiet street where people mow their lawns, entertain their families in the back yards on holidays and walk their dogs on what is usually a quiet street.

Needless to say the shooting on July 27th was disturbing and frightening.  The police were called. It took them 45 minutes to get there and they said there was nothing for them to do, because nothing had happened, meaning that no one was inured.  Police reports show that in one hour of the shooting 128 calls were made to the police station to report the unusual gunfire.

The gang bangers came back to the neighborhood after July 27th in late hours to sit in a car and watch the neighborhood.  A week later 12-gang members appeared on the street around midnight and were loud in the street.  The neighbors called the police station and Alderman Michelle Harris to report the activity.   The night sounds like a war zone.  The police have been called and numerous requests have been made to increase police patrol.   Gunshots are in the front of the homes in the front windows,  doorways and garages.  The gangs are having target practice.    If someone is on the front porch or maybe sitting in the living room watching television, they could be shot.

Terror in the neighborhood.  

The neighborhood has been terrorized. The gangs have stalked the neighborhood and the feeling was something was going to happen.  It was apparent that the neighborhood was being gang studied.    When the citizens called the police station they were told they could not meet with Commander Ruiz because his scheduler did not come in on Mondays.  Eventually the citizens got it right and came the right day and had a lengthy meeting with Commander Ruiz.     He said there was a gang war between 5 gangs; however, he did not have enough men to protect the neighborhood.  Not enough manpower to serve and protect.

What do you do?  Where do you go?  Who do you call, in such a situation?

On Sunday, September 3 at about 9:30 in the evening, the gangbanger just walked in to the backyard and began to shoot a family gathering for no reason.

The people on South Chappel are living in terror.  They are afraid to empty the garbage, they are afraid to park their cars in the garage; they are afraid go on the porch, they are afraid to go to the store.  They keep the drapes drawn and peep out as they listen to gunfire.

In some Chicago neighborhoods people are being killed for being good citiens.  Children are killed while sitting on the porch doing homework, or playing basketball, on selling lemonade or walking to school or riding the bus.

On the South Side of Chicago some  citizens are living in a war zone.

What do you do?

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