First Ladies of this country are not elected. They come with their husbands to positions.  Their roles are serious and important.  This year in the 2012 election it might be the First Ladies that you vote for, or who persuade you to vote for theirs mates.    The Democratic and the Republican First Ladies are appealing to women, who constitute the majority of the American population.

Ann Romney gave a powerful speech about her husband.  She testified to his concern and caring of people.  She painted him as a family man and as one who works hard and loved her dearly as expressed in her illness.  She was pretty, glamorous in her beautiful Nancy Reagan red Valentino designer dress.    She made them a real family with real issues, like all Americans.  They were not the rich couple; according to Ann they are the American couple.  She was clearly the woman to present her man.

Michelle Obama is Chicago’s very own from the south Side and has experienced life like many from a struggling student to a mom with an aspiring career  husband to becoming the First Lady, a spot she probably never dreamed of.  She speaks to the possibility of America and the opportunity it presents.  She is the girl next door that you can still talk to.  She is Chaka Khan’s every woman.

The Romney’s and the Obama’s present wonderful   family values.   Their love of family as couples and parents is admirable.  As we go to the polls in November, not only will we consider the President of the United States, but these women, the First Ladies play a serious role in our decision.

In some cases, your vote might vote  for Michelle or Ann rather than Mitt or Barrack.

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