Come Alive With Mr. Ed Gardner, Sunday at 3 on 95th and Western

Mr. Ed Gardner at 87 years old, on a cane is still quite the man and a Chicago hero.   Gardner is a pioneer businessman and made millions selling Soft Sheen products worldwide.  He was the marketing force behind Harold Washington becoming the first African American Mayor in Chicago.    He is known to put his money where his mouth is.

On Friday, September 21st, he drew the line in the sand, as Chicago’s black community is constantly insulted.   As he drove on 95th street and he looked at a construction site, in the heart of the Black community he saw no African American workers.  None. Zero.  The last straw.  He got mad and on Monday he closed the site down.  Monday, September 24th, he stuck his cane in wet cement at Evergreen Park.  Others joined him.   The workers returned after he left.    But he stopped the work.  He protested.  His voice was heard.

This is serious in Chicago.  Mr. Gardner is now asking 10,000 to join him after church, this Sunday.    He’s asking the who’s who in Chicago like Lerone Bennett, the historian and the former Chicago School Superintendent, Manford Byrd.  On Sunday, Mr. Gardner has invited 10,000 people to join him at 95th and Western at 3p.m after church to march and demand equality for jobs.    The old guard has taken the lead on a Sunday afternoon march.

This is an upset in Chicago for Mayor Emanuel and should   not   be taken lightly.  The Black agenda has vanished.  It’s a damn shame, Mr. Gardner at 87 on a cane, has taken to the streets.

But since he has reached his insult level, and the larger community didn’t, let’s join him.   Perhaps, a movement has begun 2012 style.    Is this the Black Occupy?



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  • To Mr. Gardners credit he has continually pointed out during these past few days that he has lent hi name to many grassroots leaders who have been fighting everyday on this issue and many of us just didnt have the power of a Mr. Gardner to force more of the Black community to get off the sidelines and get in this fight, and that is SO important as some media has taken the position that absolutely was going on until Mr. Harder got involved. So today, as one of the "next generation" leaders I am appealing to all to SIGN UP To FOLLOW UP to Mr. Gardner can bring the issue to the forefront but if 10,000 marchers dont translate into 10,000 ongoing organizers to address all the sites in the city and Black community where Black contractors and workers have not been contracted and hired to work, then we would done nothing but achieve a massive sound bite and photo op. SIGN UP TO FOLLOW UP ! And one that I will be organizing from is where I lead as Chairman of the National Black Wall Street Chicago organization and offices at 4655 South King Drive, Suite 203 773-392-0165

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    I agree with Mr. Gardner . I am a contractor and I have two thing working against me I'm a women and Black. But the reality of it is in the contruction industry all we our is knocking at the door . It is hard to get contracts as a minority and granted it is a lot of incentives but , time again why we our under repersented because we have bonding issues and cash flow .we have to create jobs and show our children it is more to life than selling drugs to get out of the hood ... Charity starts at home a lot of the more established black companies can do joint ventures to help the less established to get more doors open in our communties so we will have more jobs . We have to start lifting each other up as a people and take a stance because if we wont who will.

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