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Mr. Gardner's Sunday March

It was a beautiful fall day.  Sunday, September 30, Mr. Ed Gardner retired Soft Sheen Hair Care proprietor issued a clarion call to the Black community at large to join him in a march for jobs and contracts at 3 p.m. at 95th and Western.  About 5,000 people came. Our  most respected elders led the... Read more »

Come Alive With Mr. Ed Gardner, Sunday at 3 on 95th and Western

Mr. Ed Gardner at 87 years old, on a cane is still quite the man and a Chicago hero.   Gardner is a pioneer businessman and made millions selling Soft Sheen products worldwide.  He was the marketing force behind Harold Washington becoming the first African American Mayor in Chicago.    He is known to put his money... Read more »

Terisa Griffin's Blind Audition: "Someone Like You" - The Voice

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Approximately 45,000 contestants auditioned for Season 3 of NBC’s “The Voice and our very own Terisa Griffin was one of them. Terisa blew the audience away with the song “Someone Like You” for the blind audition. She moved on to the next round and joined Blake’s team for coaching and mentoring.    Join Team Terisa... Read more »

Team Terisa Griffin

Terisa Griffin is Chicago’s very own voice.  Sultry. Sophisticated. Sexy. Tonight she appears on THE VOICE, NBC, CHANNEL 5 FROM 7 TO 9.  She will perform, “Someone Like You.”  If Terisa advances in tonight competition you can download her performance song at:  Her latest CD is Soulzophrenic you can get it from CD Baby. She... Read more »

Is it time for third party negotiators?

  The city with big shoulders is not working and the world is watching.   The teacher’s strike continues to at least Wednesday.  The members need to vote. The children need to go back to school.  The parents need to go back to work. So,  is it time for third party mediators or arbitrators to... Read more »

Chicago Teacher's Strike Has Political Implications

Hopefully the teachers strike is nearing an end and Chicago Public Schools open this coming Monday.  The nation is watching.    A key issue for both sides is evaluation.  Every job should have an evaluation and the Mayor is correct in his wish list.  However, it is difficult in this day and time for a... Read more »


  Michelle Obama brought the WOW factor to the Democratic Convention.  She spoke with style, sense and substance.  She was beautiful and brilliant.  She is rated as the number one politician in America and she is not even a politician. She is a common sense black woman. She presented the essence of the non-traditional American... Read more »


SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/hermene/Desktop/2012%20radio%20commentaries%20/First%20Ladies.doc First Ladies of this country are not elected. They come with their husbands to positions.  Their roles are serious and important.  This year in the 2012 election it might be the First Ladies that you vote for, or who persuade you to vote for theirs mates.    The Democratic and the Republican First Ladies are... Read more »


SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/hermene/Desktop/2012%20Editorial%20/   Is Mayor Rahm Emanuel in denial about crime in Chicago?  Or is the crime on the South Side of Chicago being ignored and perhaps not included in Chicago’s overall crime report.  Or, perhaps, the crime that is happening excessively in Chicago, is in Black communities, therefore there is another take.  It is time... Read more »

Eastwood's Lane

SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/hermene/Desktop/2012%20radio%20commentaries%20/Eastwood%E2%80%99s%20Lane.doc I am a Clint Eastwood fan.  I loved his spaghetti cowboy movies and I think he is a wonderful movie producer.  There are lessons to be learned from the Eastwood episode at the Republican National Convention that became the topic of national conversation. Sometimes popularity and the bright lights are overpowering.  Because you are... Read more »