Minister Louis Farrakhan made a strategic decision.  He decided to take the men of the Nation of Islam to the streets where youth murders are  most occurring.  He and his men are knocking on doors in Englewood, South Shore and Roseland and others.

His approach is simple and old fashioned.  The way you end the violence is to knock on each door and talk to each family and discuss safety and violence.  He is talking to the people about caring for each other and the importance of building the community and treating people properly.

This is a welcomed element and already the community feels   safer.  The Muslims have a reputation for keeping the violence down and communities safe.  They do so  by being mannerable, pleasant, tailored  and with no weapons attached to their belts.  They are firm, strong and apply elements of pride, discipline and tough love to all. They talk about self-love, self-improvement and self-esteem.  The Farrakhan way is to teach men how to be men.    The Muslim Men will make the young boys accountable and responsible.

The Farrakhan way will slow and stop the violence, because the kids will be taught they have to answer for their crimes.  But most of all they will be given a sense of discipline that the police do not provide

Watch the crime rate goes down, since The Nation of Islam, entered the scene.  I hope the media will give the nation's its just do credit  when the numbers decrease.

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