Stella Foster has been writing for the Chicago Sun Times for  43 years. She has decided to retire on August 6.  I am saddened and don’t want her to go.  This  is strickly personal.

Stella is a Chicago success story.  She is a proud to be from  Englewood  and on her sister’s [Jamie] recommendation , she was hired as Irv    Kupcinet ‘s secretary.  She started as his secretary and became  his right hand  and confidante.  As he became ill she began to write  the column with the same savvy and flavor as did he.  After Kup passed in 2003 “Kup’s Column” became “Stella’s Column.

Among the most beautiful and touching columns she wrote, was Kup’s column to his beloved Essie.  She wrote his sentiment from his heart when he couldn’t.  She wrote about their romance.    If you didn’t cry, you had no eyes. Stella is the life of any party at any time, anywhere.   She jokes, and steps like no other and is bound to say something totally out of the box.

Stella writes it as she sees it.  Hers  is a refreshing voice and for this reason I absolutely hate her departing  Chicago’s mainstream media where the Black point of view is limited.  She recently wrote an item about the President of the United States visiting Chicago and playing golf rather than speaking  to  south side youth, where he might have made impact.

Stella’s column /Kup’s column took “gossip” to a new level.   She has always written  truthful, honest and never harmful.  A Stella item  was as important as a headline in some instances.    The Kup /Stella duo   were a powerful pair and Kup would be quite proud that she carried his tradition forward.

Stella has been a good friend to many and I will miss her and The Chicago Sun Times will not be the same. Thanks Stella for a great job for 43 years.    She has been on deadline for 43 years.   She is smart, witty and wise and knows when to fold.

Thanks for the items and all of the assistance you have given me throughout the years. Miss you already.  You got it right and as you miss the deadline we will miss you.    Yeah, I said it.    And that’s Hermene on Stella.


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