The 2012 Vote


The presidential election vote in November of 2012 will be an important one.  Every election presumes the same, but this will be a  defining moment in American history.  This will probably be the country's most expensive campaign and the nastiest one.  Mud will sling.  Dirty pool will be played.  I predict it will be a tight race.  The race is shaping already and it seems like they have been running forever.

2008 was an historic election full of promise and hope and dreams as America welcomed its first African American President.  It has been so noted, that on the day President Barrack Obama was being sworn in, there was a group of white men meeting plotting as to how to make him a one-term president.  They concluded they would block his legislations and give him hell in the process of trying to run the country.  And so we have seen it materialize, as the President assumed a country that was near collapse with the auto industry and big banks threatening bankruptcy.  He made the hard decision that they were too large to fail.  His decisions probably prevented a depression.

It is important to remember in this election that democratic Barrack Obama followed two terms of Republican President George Bush.  Democratic Bill Clinton left the country with a surplus.  Republican President Bush took the country to the edge.  Obama had to turn it around. The common measures are unemployment and gas rates.

In this next term we face democracy with Obama or big business with Republican Mitt Romney, There are significant philosophical  qualities difference between the two.

Prepare to vote in 2012 and prepare all that you know.


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