Pay The Teachers



It is appalling that the politicians considered  legislation that would have a negative impact on teacher’s pensions.  Legislators are contemplating giving retired schoolteachers a choice between health benefits and a 3% annual rise on their pension, fixed incomes.

Shame, Shame and shame.  One of the hardest jobs there is these days is teaching school.  Teachers are not allowed to just teach.  Sometimes they are surrogate parents, social workers, policemen and counselors to both parents and students.  It goes with the territory.  And by the way the teacher doesn’t know if little Johnny is packing and she might have to stop the fight.

Teachers are being asked to work longer hours but with the same pay.  So, then when they meet retirement in the face, they will then have to choose between medical care and a modest raise. NOT Fair.  First of all, health benefits becoming increasingly important as we age and secondly on a fixed income, does not mean that your expenses won’t continue to go up.

To ask teachers to work longer  days with no additional pay and then retire with limitations is insulting to the profession.

Understood that the state is broke and these measures are attempts to balance the budget and to save money.  But why not consider other alternatives.  Namely,

Casinos.   Raise the taxes on alcohol beverages; raise income taxes by 1%.  And in so far as the City of Chicago is concerned, why not adjust the parking meter fees for its ridiculously high rates, particularly on no parking days.

Maybe these adjustments would get the teachers paid.   By the way did the politicians adjust their pensions?



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  • I agree, leave the teachers pension alone. Professors are paid alot of money, but not the elementary schood teachers. Thank God there are still unions out there, although I dont like government paying jobs being unionized, I think that is way wrong on many levels. Tax the cigs, soda, luxury cars, yahts, casinos ect...good idea. Toodles.

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    Whitesranch. It is not true that professors are paid a lot of money. In fact, we tend to make less than K-12 teachers with seniority. K-12 teachers are unionized. That gives them protections professors don't have. They get regular pay raises, for instance.
    Professors typically don't unionize (many states have forbidden us to unionize). We don't get raises. Yup, you read that right. Whatever base pay you negotiated when you entered your job is pretty much what you will retire with. A professor gets two raises over the course of his career: a $1-3,000 bump after 5 or 6 years when they advance from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor; and a $1-3,000 bump IF the professor goes through the long review process to become a Full Professor.
    I don't know why in the world people think professors make so much money. Maybe you just notice the faculty of the medical school? Now THERE's where the money is. But if you really want to know what profs make, just go to a campus, hang out by the Humanities or Social Sciences or Liberal Arts buildings and take note of the professors' cars. Mine is 13 years old.

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